Case Study

M-Solv Ltd

The Commercial Issue

M-Solv specialises in the research, design, engineering and manufacture of advanced laser micromachining and micro deposition applications.  The technology is used in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels (PV) and touch panels for handheld electronic devices. 

The company is commissioned and funded by a major Asian manufacturing company to provide niche microelectronics production machines for its fast growing portable and handheld electronics arm.

M-Solv needs an extensive IP portfolio to protect the niche market for the manufacturing apparatus it provides, to facilitate licensing of its technology to others and to support further investment in the business.

How We Helped

We reviewed the IP portfolio M-Solv had created in-house and helped the company structure it to more closely reflect the company’s business aims.  We helped M-Solv to develop the portfolio and expand it into its key geographical markets.  We expanded the patent portfolio considerably in each of their technology areas, covering the efficient manufacture of PV panels, novel methods of fabricating touch panels and other micro-machining techniques. 

We have managed the prosecution of several “patent families” of related cases in each area.  We have also developed an international patent filing strategy to reflect M-Solv’s business strategy and we provide M-Solv with regular updates on the status of the IP portfolio.

The Outcome

M-Solv’s IP portfolio grew to comprise over 150 applications covering more than 25 patent families in Europe, the USA and Asia, with many of these applications maturing into granted patents.

M-Solv has been able to use its IP portfolio to pursue a variety of commercial goals.  These include, for example, negotiating a licensing agreement with a company which provides full-scale manufacturing solutions to the world’s largest chip manufacturers – enabling technology from a small niche company to reach mass markets.  In another sector, M-Solv’s IP has enabled it to maintain exclusivity of the manufacturing techniques and equipment it has developed for the Asian manufacturing company together with the potential to license this in further territories.  The strength of M-Solv’s IP portfolio has also reinforced  the company’s reputation for developing high quality innovative solutions.  This helps the company to secure funding required to expand into new technologies.

Intellectual Property underpins many of our activities and is becoming an increasingly valuable asset to our business

Phil Rumsby, CEO, M-Solv Ltd

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